Economic feasibility

Preparing economic feasibility analyses

AEDIFICAS prepares economic feasibility analyses for real estate projects. The federal Ministry of Finance´s "Guidelines for Economic Feasibility Analyses“ as well as the building ministry´s complementary manual („Leidfaden WU-Hochbau“) employed for these analyses. An economic feasibility analysis substantiates the construction project´s economic advantages for the client. It also contains a transparent analysis of project risks.

AEDIFICAS services assure the client that

  1. the appropriate economic feasibility analysis required by §7 of the "Federal Budget Code“ (BHO) is completed
  2. location and option decisions can be made on the basis of financial as well as non-financial consideration
  3. flexibility in decisions concerning fulfillment of use requirements is enhanced (in the trade-off between the procurement options build, buy, rent)
  4. cost trends over the entire life cycle of the property have been taken into consideration, thereby fulfilling an esssential requirement of thefederal sustainability certification system (BNB-Bewertungssystem Nachhaltiges Bauen für Bundesgebäude)
  5. financial estimates of project risks can be prepared and included in the budget