Owner representation project management

Project management for recipients of federal funding

AEDIFICAS assumes professional construction project management for recipients of federal funding and discharges all performance requirements:

  • Project preparation and goal setting
  • Manage the project (dIscharge the so-called undelegable owner tasks)
  • Prepare, guide and close the request for funding
  • Coordinate user requirements
  • Comply with the legal requirements of the „Federal Budget Code“ (BHO) as well as the "Guidelines for Implementing Federally Funded Construction“ (RZBau).

AEDIFICAS insures that:

  1. federal funding is applied for, utilized, accounted for and documented in compliance with RZBau regulations
  2. funding recipients have a professionally competent builder and project manager
  3. user requirements have been meticulously researched and considered
  4. funding recipients can continue to perform their core tasks without undue demands from the ongoing construction project.