Planner selection

AEDIFICAS assists funding recipients in

  • indentifying optimal means for achieving project goals
  • developing an efficient and effective project management team
  • commissioning appropriate project controllers, architects and engineers

Compliance with federal hiring procedures

To commission project controllers, architects and engineers for clients with projects financed with federal funds, AEDIFICAS conducts commissioning procedures in compliance with federal regulations („Vergabeordnung für freiberufliche Leistungen“, VOF):

  • Prepare solicitation and publication documents in accordance with VOF
  • Verify the qualifications of applicants, evaluate proposals
  • Conduct negotiations, award contracts

Conducting design competitions

AEDIFICAS supervises competitions for public and private projects in compliance with "Guidelines for Design Competitions“ (RPW). The goal of a competition is to identify an optimal design concept as well as a qualified architect. AEDIFICAS provides the following services:

  • Prepare competition documents in accordance with RPW
  • Organize evaluation
  • Coordinate competition colloquia
  • Prepare contract awards