The success of a building project is in the hands of those who drive it.

AEDIFICAS specializes in providing custom-tailored, technical support services to builders and users of building projects.

Not only must building projects often be implemented in parallel to core tasks, project responsibility must also be assumed. AEDIFICAS assists in required decision-making, directs attention to economic solutions and provides relief from the often considerable project tasks.

Every builder, every user, is different.

AEDIFICAS adapts to your specific requrements and constraints in order to achieve the smoothest project execution. This can be realized in two ways:

  • AAEDIFICAS provides objective and professional counsel and support for your functions as builder as a staff function or
  • AEDIFICAS discharges project tasks for you directly as a line function and acts as your technical representative to all stakeholders during project execution

Let´s discuss your project!